Bergen Business Park

Bergen Business Park is a new and innovative business park planned at Bergen Airport Flesland, Western Norway’s transport nodal point. This area will be an incubator for a thriving environment with green areas and good meeting places that will form a unique framework for tomorrow’s work places. The area is planned to be developed with modern offices, hotels with conference facilities, canteens and businesses.

Phase 1

The development of phase 1, the part of the business park that is located closest to the airport, comprises hotels with conference facilities as well as three office buildings, totalling approx. 35,000 m2. This part of the property is strategic for establishing the area. It can function alone in collaboration with the airport, but it is also connecting link to the further development

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Western Norway’s largest nodal point

Bergen Business Park is situated in the node that will be established near the airport, Western Norway’s largest nodal point with 18 direct flights inland and 38 abroad.

A force field for exchanging ideas and innovation
The companies share functions such as conferences centres, exterior squares and a number of services and thus cultivate a sense of belonging to a larger fellowship.

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