An urbane meeting place

Our ambition is to create a modern business park with an international format.

Bergen Business Park will be an assemblage point for local and regional business and industry and a driver of business and industry for all of Western Norway. The business park, with its unique location between fjords and mountains and within the immediate vicinity of Bergen Airport Flesland and Bergen Light Rail, has the potential to become a knowledge destination of national and international importance.

Specialist expert environments from various industries that value innovative working environments, knowledge sharing, fellowship and good experiences will meet at Bergen Business Park. Though innovative architecture, urbane meeting places and varied green areas, we will create an including and living environment with a comprehensive shared identity.

Surrounded by the fellowship, each company can cultivate its identity and develop under the best conditions - now and in the future. The business park will have a flexible structure that makes it adaptable and sustainable over time. With high environmental ambitions and a comprehensive focus on sustaina- bility, Bergen Business Park will be an attractive choice for future-oriented companies.

Our ambitions are built on:


Bergen Business Park will be a knowledge destination with an inspiring environment for the interaction between knowledge and experiences. The business park is designed to be a natural meeting point nationally and internationally, and an example of future-oriented business and industry.


A diversity of various companies and industries gathered in one park provides a clear shared identity. Each company benefits from the advantages by being part of a larger fellowship, at the same time as it has room to cultivate its profile and distinctive character.


The density of work places around shared meeting places and functions generates interaction between people. Knowledge is shared when companies and industries meet. This is how new ideas grow and this is how innovation is created.


Strong players with knowledge about and experience from complex development projects ensure competent planning and project management. Innovative architecture, thorough focus on the environment and sustainability and attractive content will contribute to attracting the best expertise in business and industry.


The building stock is collected in different units, and the project is adapted a multiphase and long-term realisation. In the first phase with hotel and three office buildings will be established closest to the airport. The next phases are flexible in order, size and placement, and will be connected onto a functioning system in relation to communication and common functions.


A word from the architect

Bergen Business Park – Flesland becomes part of a new and important junction in the Bergen region. With attractive workplaces and walking distance to airport and light rail the connections international and local are well anchored. The location will be a competitive advantage in a growing city and industry area.

The master plan creates two defined clusters where the buildings form a clear communion and a clear boarder to West Norway’s nature; which is situated outside. This way one creates a united identity for the entire Business Park. Each business will be part of a strong community in an innovative environment. The built-up area is situated around a common square, and it is focused on creating a common meeting ground with city life and city offers. This will be a central meeting place that creates a communal life for the whole park. Where people gather; ideas are exchanged and one creates innovation!

The buildings will be provident and innovative, and in the meeting with a good master plan and architecture of highest quality a good working environment will be created. It will be focused on low-energy solutions and technology to create the lowest possible energy consumption. Additionally, it will be executed a grip in the master plan that secures a provident environment on all levels. An architecture that takes care of the future.

In Bergen Business Park one can move efficiently between the workspace, the hotel, conferences, meetings, airport, and city rails within a productive workday. The offers one need will be available and close throughout the day. With a location next to the airport, Bergen Business Park will form the foundation for a good and efficient added value in a close and innovative business environment.

Geir Haaversen<

Geir Haaversen
Partner / Daglig leder

The companies share functions such as conferences centres, exterior squares and a number of services and thus cultivate a sense of belonging to a larger fellowship.

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