Modern and robust solutions

The building is planned as a single-user building where a tenant will be able to develop efficiently in a compact, flexible and robust concept. The building is connected with an open stairway from the lobby to all floors and, in this way, all of the employees are connected together as one large unit.

The building has been designed to satisfy today and tomorrow’s requirements for good work places. The focus has been placed on creating light and airy premises where the employees are comfortable. The floor plans, with a compact core, allow for light premises and make possible a large degree of flexibility for the furnishing of the work zone. This provides a flexibility over time and the building can be adapted to a company’s needs while it develops.

The building has a spacious and welcoming lobby facing the square. From the lobby, you move efficiently through the building through an open stair run or a centrally-located core. A larger meeting centre can be established in connection with the lobby if required. Each floor has a centrally-placed social zone that creates interaction among the employees. This creates pleasantness and innovation. The work places are divided into partitioned zones that create room for concentration and productivity.

Part of the fellowship

The building is part of a larger fellowship around a central square, where the square functions as a meeting place for the employees and visitors to the business park. Parts of the office buildings’ premises on the street level facing the square will comprise service and public-oriented functions in order to address the employees and visitors’ different needs. Here, for example, service premises, training facilities and shopping as well as good premises for work and informal meetings are planned. The close construction with service functions around the square will, together with the hotel, comprise a whole and complete framework for the development of the work places of tomorrow.


Through BREEAM certification, the building will be constructed with a view to comprehensive environmental concepts for well-being, health and energy use. The focus will be placed on good, robust and durable materials, a low energy use and good systems for operation and maintenance.

Flexible work premises

A compact, central core creates big, continuous and open premises along the façade with good daylight conditions. These zones are completely flexible and can be furnished pursuant to the user’s desires in larger or smaller units. The plan principle creates opportunities for flexibility over time and can be changed in line with the company’s development.

Qualities in the floor plan

The floor plans with central cores create good flexible zones with good day light and nice views. The work zones have good contact with the exterior environment, a view of the airport, the fjord and life on the square. Efficient communication and short distances connect the work zones together.


A simple and efficient circulation has been installed around the core of the building. From the stairway and elevator, you arrive directly at the reception and social zone before moving into the building.


The plan is to create clearer zones that are easy to furnish for larger or smaller groups. The work zones are partitioned from each other with meeting room functions and provide good conditions for focused work. The social zone is centrally-located and directly connected to the stairway and elevator.
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The companies share functions such as conferences centres, exterior squares and a number of services and thus cultivate a sense of belonging to a larger fellowship.

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