The hotel with its location 150 metres from the new terminal building is an obvious choice for overnight accommodation and meeting activities at Bergen Airport. The hotel contains 300 rooms, a restaurant, a lobby bar, meeting facilities, etc. and is designed to accommodate the needs of a modern traveller, either that is on business travel or private.

A meeting place for all that works in bergen business park

Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport marks the start of the development of Bergen Business Park, and it will be a central part of the business park. In addition to being a natural overnight accommodation place for travellers and visitors to the park, the hotel will function as a common meeting place for everyone that works in Bergen Business Park. The hotel’s different facilities supplements the business buildings and gives you the opportunity for both informal and formal meetings with clients, collaborators and colleagues in other environments, but is still just outside your own office door.

Comfort Hotel is a brand in Nordic Choice Hotels.

Exit from the underpass
Illustration: Nordic – office of architecture

Hotel place seen from the south

Comfort Hotel Bergen Airport and the first office buildings in Bergen Business Park will be established around a central square. The square marks the gateway to the business park from Bergen Airport, and will get various services on street level.

Hotel place seen from the north

The hotel and the first office buildings in Bergen Business Park lies only 150 metres from the new terminal building at Bergen Airport. It will be built up a footpath from the terminal building with a tunnel under Lønningsveien for access directly to the square in the park.

The companies share functions such as conferences centres, exterior squares and a number of services and thus cultivate a sense of belonging to a larger fellowship.

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